The modern day Boerboel dog is South Africa’s working/ farm/ protection mastiff. It is down from the dogs (Mastiff types, Bullenbeisses, etc) that the first pioneers of South Africa brought to the harsh and dangerous continent approximately 350 years ago. For the next 350 years, these dogs were bred through a selection criteria based on a need/necessity.The purpose of the Boerboel is to protect its family in a land occupied by animals which kill to live and which can kill people, especially children, which fall victim to them.

“The Boerboel Is The Defender Of Its People And Of Its Children.”

Therefore, it must be a steady dog around the family and around the livestock which belongs to the farm on which the Boerboel is raised.It is the job of this farmer’s dog to go into the field with the children by day, and to protect them from whatever dangers which lurk nearby. He must also be even tempered and intelligent enough to be able to distinguish between placid livestock and dangerous beast. By night, it is the job of the dog to lay by the fire and warn the people of any danger that may come around, Always ready to defend its family and the livelihood of the animals of the farm.These dogs came about because they weren’t bred for colour, size or type. They were bred because they did a job and filled a need. That need was to protect his master against some of the world’s most dangerous animals. “Dogs that fought off the wild animals and survived would eventually be bred.” The dogs that fought and died or instead of protecting their master ran away, were not looked upon as dogs for breeding. It is because of this selection criteria that today’s Boerboel is tough, strong, intelligent, agile and buoyant in movement. They needed these attributes to take on Baboons, Hyenas, Warthogs and Leopards and survive.

Boerboel Ysterberg Sokket

Ysterberg Sokket, Import From South Africa His relatives back in South Africa, are still protecting their owners & their farms from dangerous animals.

Unlike most breeds of dog today that are only bred as show dogs or pets, the Boerboel is still carrying out its original job as a family and farm protector all over South Africa. I have seen a huge stuffed hyena that was killed by the farmer’s Boerboels as it poached on his game farm. I have seen recent video footage, numerous times, of dogs with large scars, from one side of the rib cage across the back and half way down the other, from fighting baboon. Recently in Namibia a dog called Wellen Yster caught and killed a leopard near a waterhole on his farm. These are the dangerous experiences that Boerboels have gone through from Today, going back to their ancestors, 350 years ago.

Boerboel Maestro Napoleon

Maestro Napoleon(above), Imported From South Africa Napoleon’s Grandsons are still highly sort after by Leopard hunters back in South Africa

When these dogs were bred, the owners of the bitch did not ask the owners of the dog, “What is your dog’s pedigree?” Or “What is your dog’s hip score?” Or even, “How many ribbons has he won?”. They didn’t even care what breed of dog he was. They asked questions about the dog’s tenacity and braveness. They would ask if he has killed any game, or they would say, “I have heard your dog stopped a charging elephant” or

“I Have Heard Your Dog Doesn’t Leave Your Children’s Side And Once Killed a Leopard That Was Stalking Your Children.”

This was the criteria of a stud dog. That is why today’s Boerboels are big, strong, muscular and imposing with the added attributes of being intelligent, obedient, having strong watch and guard instincts all at the same time, while also being a very playful and affectionate pet towards his family.

This is only a short description of what the Boerboel is about. There are many web sites and a few books on Boerboels with a new book in the pipeline about Boerboels of the world and what breeders are doing to keep the breed true to its unique character.