“Nugget, One Of The Most Impressive Dogs
I Have Ever Owned!”

When we brought Nugget home, at 8 weeks of age, we put her out the backyard with both my little girls, ages 2, and 4. She was very good with the kids. Anything they did, she did too. She was out there one day, and a friend had come over to take some pictures of the girls for my mum because she had not seen them for a long time, because she lived a long way away.

My friend strolled over to take pictures of the girls playing with Nugget. When he crouched down to aim the camera, Nugget ran straight to the side of the youngest girl and just stood between her and my friend pointing the camera.

 “At 8 Weeks Of Age She Put Herself On The Line,”

She growled as if to say, “Whatever you’ve got there you do not bring near my girls”. After one week of being with our family she already had a strong bond with us.

“More Than Anything You Want In A Big Dog…
Is A Confident Dog.”

When she was 12 weeks of age, we had a big trackscavator (like a bulldozer) clearing up our neighbour’s river. He had the trackscavator over the other side of the river, cut across, and came out on our road. I was walking along with Nugget, and had forgotten all about it when this thing comes up the riverbank and along the road. I’ve had a lot of brave pups, but in all honesty, we live on a farm, and she is not exposed to daily traffic. This thing comes crashing over the rocks, and over the bank, she hears it, and I hear it. She turned, and at 12 weeks old, her first move was towards it, and again

“She Came In Front Of Me And Advanced Towards The Big Thing,”

She just stood there and the bloke had to stop.

She grew quick, she’s not one of the biggest Boerboels, but she is very muscled up, and very strong. She is so quick and powerful she would run and tip another dog over, but she has never bumped into the girls. To this day, she has never bumped one of the girls, knocked them over, or jumped on them. I teach dogs not to do that but not her, I’ve never had to step in and say “You don’t jump on these girls”,

“For A Dog Her Size, She’s Very Conscious Of The Fact
That She Is Bigger Than Them.”

I think that’s a plus, I think in that big strong dog department, and I’ve had lots of big breeds of dogs, she’s a little sharper in the brain box than those big brawny dogs. I’ve had American Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Presa Canarios, Dogo Argentinos, Bull Mastiffs, probably 50 other. In an all round package of a big dog, in the 50+ KG dogs, she turned out to be very athletic,

“She Certainly Filled The Role Of A Guard Dog,”

But is still a biddable dog and a good all rounder, I have worked her on goats and cattle and she has shown some aptitude for that. She’s not up to class with the true herding dogs, but she has definitely some herding instinct and a desire to make the animals do what you want. I have used her on cattle, and she has educated some very wild cattle. They’re more that way inclined,

Ataraxia’s Nugget working cattle.

“Especially If They Were To See A Beast That Is Being A Danger To You, She Will Step In. If You Are In The Yard And A Bull Runs At You, She Will Not Tolerate It, She Will Stop It In It’s Tracks.”

In all honesty, What I do like about Nugget is, I have a lot of working dogs here, I have dogs for all sorts of stuff, I have people sending dogs here to be trained, but all of those dogs go in their pens at night and the door is locked and I have no doubt as to where they are at night.

“There’s One Dog On This Property Who Stays Out At Night…
And That’s Nugget,”

She camps on her bed at our back door. Because we’re on a river, we’ve had people wander up, but you don’t have to worry that she’ll attack them or interrupt some blokes fishing in the river: all the people that have come near the house she has notified us that they are there. She certainly has an air about her, an air that not even love or money could let a person into our yard. But she is reliable, she’s not dangerous, but she has a presence.

 “I Like The Fact That You Can Leave Her Out
And You Don’t Have To Worry
That She’ll Maul Somebody Or Chase Livestock.”

Outside the house paddock, we have horses and cattle, grazing and she never bothers them. We have used her a few times on pigs, and she took to that straight away. She’s certainly involved in farm life. The things that people say about a lot of dogs – family pet, working dog, family protector/guard dog – she really is. I can leave her on the back of the truck and drive anywhere, we both get there. If I see a pig diggin’ up the wheat, I’ll know that she’ll just jump off and deal with it. She jumps back on the truck, you drive home, and she jumps off. The girls are sittin’ in the backyard, she lies down, and they go to sleep on her… she’s just a very cool dog.

“When You See How Gentle Nugget Can Be Playing Around The House With The Kids, You Wouldn’t Think She Is As Explosive And Powerful As She Is When She’s Working Stock Or Something Like That.”

My wife and I were surprised one day, because somebody came over that Nugget didn’t think should be there and my wife just sorta looked and said, “Man, I can’t believe that’s Nugget”. She just doesn’t see her in the light of that type of dog.

We’re a long way from town and have no neighbours that my wife could yell out to if something was to go wrong, If you call the police out here, if they come at all, it would be about an hour before they come. But when my wife goes to bed at night, and knows that Nugget is camped at the back door, she doesn’t worry, she feels safe. She used to worry about the girls but doesn’t anymore. Without the drawback of worrying that Nugget will hurt an innocent person, she’s not the sort of dog that will jump through the fence and run a mile to hurt someone.

“They Are Very Much A Dog That
Is Interested In Your Safety.”

They won’t leave your side to harm someone, they stay near you because that’s where they need to be to protect you, and she maintains a close proximity to her family. That’s why at night you don’t have to worry about leaving her… Because she stays as close to the door that she last saw her family go through, and you know she’ll be there when we come out.

“Anything That She Feels Is Unusual,Or Possibly A Danger,
She Would Begin To Act Restless And Agitated And Scan The Area.

I’ve seen Nugget do this many times and even though everything seems OK you’ll later realize that something was actually happening. Like one day, I saw her doing it, but to me it was just the wind, so I hadn’t noticed it. She was continuously circling the girls, going from one to the other, looking off in a direction, and when the wind changed. I noticed that a neighbour had been out shooting, and she had heard the rifle shots. She just didn’t feel right about it… I couldn’t tell, it seemed like nothing, I just wasn’t hearing it. It was probably just a 22 or something, but she had picked it up as something not right…

For a big dog, she is light on her feet. She just springs up on the back of my truck like a cat. She can just bounce onto the back of the truck and you can hardly notice her land.

“Over A 50 To 100 Metre Race, Where You Think My Stockdogs ould Leave Her For Dead… It’s Neck And Neck.”

Nugget is exceptionally fast for a big dog over 100 metres. I personally wouldn’t want her chasing after me. Unless I was in a car, even then, I’d want it to be a pretty stout car.

In conclusion, Nugget is one of the most impressive dogs I have owned

– Anthony Mc Callum(Tamworth, NSW)

*Anthony has over 30 years experience in training and breeding dogs, He has won Australian and World Titles in Working Dog Trials. He served with the military, training police dogs.He is also a certified Master Trainer with K9 Pro Sports, the original US personal protection sport and also trained Hearing dogs for the Deaf. He has done these things in all corners of the world


Evolution’s Six, Mother Of Maximus, Achilles & Narla.

“They Truly Are
A Family Protector.”

Achilles is 50kg after more than 8 months. He’s weighed and looked over by our vet every 2 weeks.

“His Protective Side Is Really Shining Through.”

If someone comes off the street and into our yard, then he’s prepared and on alert until he’s sure that his family is in no danger:

“He Won’t Leave A Situation Until
He Thinks It’s Safe For Us.”

His character is excellent and he loves to interact with other people and other dogs we introduce to him.

He does like to jump around a fair bit, which at his size can be a hassle, but we realize he’s still only a puppy and needs to release his energy.

He responds well to his training but being so young his concentration wanes although he is still learning. They truly are a family protector.

Our two year old son can do all sorts of things to him and he just takes it, no worries. We have found they need lots of love and human contact, which is understandable as they are a very observant breed.

Alex Pyrlis(Adelaide, South Australia).

Ataraxia’s Mack at 2 Years & 80kg


“If I Were Only Allowed
To Own One Dog…
It Would Be A Boerboel.”

I now own three Boerboels. Mack, Nyah and Zora. They are wonderful pets that never seem to amaze me, my wife and who ever else is around to see their antics.

Nyah (Mack’s Mother), Mack & Paul’s Boxer


One night after work, I was just out walking the dogs like I normally do. We had just bought two cows that were fairly big, about 600kg’s, and they came from outback NSW. So they were pretty wild. These cows also turned out to be quite territorial. I say this because when they spotted us in their new paddock (my paddock) they quickly trotted up to about 20 metres from where I was walking. I initially thought they were just being inquisitive. Boy was I wrong, as soon as I took my eye off those cows one of them began to charge. My leisurely evening stroll was about to get dangerously interesting. While I was very quickly processing an escape plan Mack just sprinted up to intercept the charging cow. He went straight up to it, Smacked it on the nose without hesitation. The cow promptly reassessed her actions. She stopped dead in her tracks and quickly spun back around and headed back into the thick scrub at the back of my property. Mack chased the cows for about 50 meters and then came back to walk by my side like he always does. For the rest of the walk that night Mack acted normal like nothing ever happened. Ever since that day, Mack has been very protective of me and Rebecca around large animals.


“He Will Not Allow Any
Large Animal Come Toward Us.”

Yet, He will walk past cows and horses during the day and not even bat an eyelid. But if any one of these cows or horses comes towards us in a threatening manor, Mack is there to put them in their place. It’s like having your own personal bouncer.


“Nyah Really Loves To Be Around Kids,
Especially Babies.

At my 30 th birthday, my sister brought along her new born baby. Nyah and everybody was outside having a barbeque and the baby was in a basinet in the lounge room.

“When The Baby Began To Cry, Nyah Became Frantic.
She Rushed Into The House So Quickly

That She Knocked The Glass Sliding Door Off It’s Rails.”

I rushed in with my sister to see Nyah sitting down next to the baby in the basinet, my sister asked me, “What is she doing?.” I told her, “I guess she wants you to pick the baby up and make it stop crying.” Nyah spent the rest of the day next to the basinet until my sister took her baby home.


“I Have Also Noticed That Whenever We Have Kids
Or Old People Visiting, Nyah Seems To Befriend Them
And Stay Close To Them.

It’s As If She Knows That They Are A Bit More Vulnerable And Might Need Help Or Protection If Something Were To Happen.”

Mack is also really good with kids, My sisters children use him like a horse and pull his ears. He just loves the attention, He is really gentle with them. If I could only own one dog, It would be a Boerboel.

Nyah is also an excellent guard dog. When people drive up to our home, Nyah really goes off. No strangers are allowed to get out of there cars. But on the other hand, if she recognizes the visitors or Rebecca tells her that the visitors are ok, She wags her tail and she jumps around in excitement. She even jumps into peoples cars to greet them. On one occasion, some friends came over and they had a two door hatchback with their baby in the back seat. Well, Nyah noticed that there was a baby in the car so she climbed over my friend in the front seat and stepped between the front seats and got into the backseat, then sat down next to their baby. Whenever she is around babies, she would just sit next to them, and look at you with a big smile, letting you know there’s no place she would rather be. If I were only allowed to own one dog, It would be a Boerboel.

 – Paul Schuffelen, (Bairnsdale , Victoria).


“Aradia And The Rolling Baby.”

Just the other day I was talking to Brendon from Canberra he bought a nice bitch out of Laksman and Six, anyway after the small talk he was telling me how happy he was with his bitch and how she is really switched on to looking after his kids, a three year old girl and a one year old boy, he said,

“That bitch is amazing the other day I was out the backyard with the kids, my boy was playing in the dirt on a slope, anyway he started to role sideways, slowly down this slope. Seeing what was happening, Aradia got up walked over to my son and laid

down in front of him to stop him rolling any further!”

Brendon Brown (Gordon, ACT)