At Stud

Ataraxia Hector
(100% Ysterberg)
Frozen Semen Available To Be Shipped
Anywhere In The World

Boerboels Ataraxia Hector

Pure Ysterberg Dogs are getting rarer and rarer, which is why I am putting Hector up for stud. He is a son of Ysterberg Sokket and Ysterberg Mooiso. He is also the only living son of Mooiso.

As a Stud he has already produced some nice dogs with Excaliber Xena being the pick. Hector is an athletic dog with a very confident, dominant and protective nature. He is not a high scoring dog and I don’t think he will produce high scoring dogs, but…he does produce dogs with a very outgoing nature, which are also very protective and some extremely dominant.

These dogs need strong handlers. They are not for the average dog owner. One of his sons stopped a charging Brahman Bull at the age of 6 months. Xena needed to be relocated because she was too much for her original owners to handle. She is now in the hands of a more experienced dog handler and he is very happy with her. Hector’s last litter is already showing the protective instinct at the age of six months.

If you are after a stud dog that will produce high scoring dogs at an appraisal. Hector is NOT the dog for you, but if you are after a dog to add a bit of fire to your dogs or to increase the percentage of Ysterberg blood in your dogs, maybe you should do some more research into this dog.

In Australia, he is one of the only males around that is suited and not closely related to the many Avalonia Waldor offspring.

All stud fees will be worked out by private treaty.

An Update On Hectors Offspring

Boerboels Dandaloo Matilda 1Boerboels Dandaloo Matilda 2

The picture above is Dandaloo Matilda. She is a daughter of Hector and Ataraxia Piper, Piper is Out of Laksman and Jessie. If someone asked me to imagine how an old working Boerboel would look like, I think I would have to say like this bitch. Matilda has a solid temperament, is very fast and has excellent stamina. Her owners Jim and Sharon tell me she will play with all of their dogs and tire them out, one by one, and still have energy to keep playing. She is not too friendly with dogs she doesn’t know.

This entire Hector litter is very athletic; one of Matilda’s sisters is always catching birds and has also caught 2 hares. Another sister lives in the Northern Territory and has saved the owners many times from snakes by not letting them in the room that she can smell the snake in.