Stud Dogs I Have Used

Boerboels Ysterberg Sokket

Ysterberg Sokket
Imported From South Africa At 60 KG
Staying at Ataraxia Kennels Australia

Ysterberg Sokket is built like a brick shit house and has a chest so wide you can drive a wheelbarrow through it but at the same time this dog is hypo, rearelly standing still on his chain length and surprisingly mobile. I have seen this dog with my own eyes chase down and hold a 65kg feral boar on a wheat stubble paddock in western NSW, The boar had 50m head start on Sokket and there was 200m between the pig and the scrub and that boy was motoring. We didn,t think Sokket had a chance, anyway we sat back and watched the action, to our surprise he made ground on that pig quickly, so quick that he had caught it in a cloud of red dust with 50m to spare. Everybody that witnessed this catch was blown away by this 60kg dogs speed. To this day everybody present believes it was a glitch in the matrix that allowed Sokket to catch a fast wheat stubble boar in NSW’s far west.

Besides being a impressive looking dog that can back up his looks with action the reason I was happy to breed to Sokket was the same reason that Craig Bloom Imported this dog and that is because his sire is Ysterberg Vegter (Africarns for Fighter). Vegter was the most impressive dog Craig saw in Africa and like Sokket he could back up his looks. Vegter lived on a property that bordered Kruger National Park in Africa. He has tackled wild cattle that had charged his owner while on horse back. He has fought Baboon and Hyena. But most of all he has protected the farm house and its occupants from countless attacks buy thieves and marauders. He is a true boerboel and I am proud to have his influence in my lines today.
Sokkets offspring have varying temperaments, on one end of the scale some are as hypo as him and on the other end of the scale they can be as calm as Napoleon but most are somewhere in between. Also because his sire is the great Ysterberg Vegter he can produce monters like Dandaloo Mack.
Sokket has also produced high scoring dogs on the SABT appraisal system, the highest being Ataraxia Nugget with 89.0% also a great working farm dog, the second highest being Dandaloo Mack with 88.0% and third highest being Evolution’s Six with 86.8%.
Other people around the world are starting to see the benefit of using Ysterburg Sokket in there lines.

Boerboels Maestro Napoleon   Maestro Napoleon  Imported From South Africa At 75KG   Staying at Ataraxia Kennels Australia 

Napoleon is one of the most impressive dogs I have ever seen, unfortunately he was never very photogenic and although this is probably one of the best photo’s of him it does not do this dog any justice.

Napoleon has a aura of calm and confidence and why wouldn’t he, he is 75kg has legs as thick as coke cans and moves so lightly on his feet it is as if he is made of feathers.

Although Napoleon had forgivable structural faults he had the perfect boerboel temperament. He was gentle around children, alert around strangers but quickly accepting of introduced friends. He really was the perfect Boerboel.

Dogs down from Napoleon maintain this awesome temperament and some also get lucky and have nice bone but not many dogs can match the great Maestro Napoleon for size, bone, structure , movement and temperament.


Boerboels Ysterberg Laksman
Ysterberg Laksman   Imported from South Africa   At 62 KG Staying at Ataraxia Kennels Australia

Laksman has the ultimate boerboel temperament, calm, confident, protective without being aggressive and he is tough, (Mentally and physicallly) he has the character marks to prove it.

As one of the highest scoring Ysterberg dogs ever I was extremely happy at getting the opportunity to breed to this amazing dog that is as close to perfect in structure as needed and still has that awesome temperament that makes him a true boerboel.

Laksman is a highly sought after stud around the world even in his country of origin South Africa.


Boerboels Avalonia Waldor

Avalonia Waldor (Imp RSA)

Waldor is one of the most impressive dogs you will EVER see. Before Waldor was sent to Australia Craig Bloom (Waldors new owner) would always get phone calls from around the world from breeders who have just got back from South Africa and all they can talk about is this one massive boerboel with ridiculously thick legs called… Waldor. It is hard to describe this dog with words, that’s why there is a pic below…Waldor with my mum… enjoy! Oh yeah… Waldor weighs 78kg LEAN!


Kamani Sherman

I decided to breed to Sherman firstly because of his good bone and chest. He also has a great head. I also like the fact that his mother Ataraxia Kiara is out of Napoleon. Sherman’s pedigree and his physical traits made him one of the most suitable Boerboel males in the world to breed to Josephine.

Boerboels Kamani Sherman

Dandaloo Mack

Mack was the most impressive large dog of his time in the world. He was 29 inches at the shoulder and at one stage weighed in at 93kg. When Kobus Rust came to Australia he commented that Mack was very similar in proportion to his great grand father, the giant, Ysterberg Goliat. Kobus said that they were almost identical in height, width and weight, except that Goliat had an even larger head.

Not only did Mack have size, he had the movement of a dog half his size and a great temperament which is talked about in an interesting story on this website.

One of my fondest memories I have of Mack, was when he was staying at Craig Bloom’s place to do some stud work. Craig and I were out the back of his property trying to get some good shots of Mack before he went back to Victoria.

We both thought it would be a good idea to walk Mack up to his father Sokket who was on a chain and barking at Mack. The idea was to get Mack to “perk up” and look impressive for the photo.

Craig and Mack were about 20 metres away from Sokket. As Craig made a few steps towards Sokket, Mack took offence to Sokket bridging up at him and barking, so he literally dragged Craig (a 125kg guy), like a skier behind a boat, across the grass until Craig got his footing and stopped him a few meters before he could get to Sokket.

Mack is doing well as a stud dog and I look forward to seeing what his offspring can produce.

Boerboels Dandaloo Mack 1

Boerboels Dandaloo Mack 2