Boerboel Appraisal Day

Sydney, Australia
3rd October 2010

For this page I have pics and my own personal comments on the dogs at the appraisal day that I liked most. These dogs are not in any particular order. I have not mentioned the appraisal score of any of these dogs as me liking them has nothing to do with their score. If you are interested in knowing what they scored you can go to the Australian Boerboel International website. I will put a link to this site at the bottom of the page.

Boerboels Zeus 1Boerboels Zeus 2

Zeus…out of Waldor and a Laksman x Jessie Daughter. This is a nicely balanced dog with everything in the right place. Will be interesting to see how thick he gets when he matures as he is only about 18 months old.

Boerboels Unknown 1

I have no idea what bitch this is but I like her head. Nice broad muzzle, very dark muzzle and eyes. Could have a fraction less wrinkle on the head but that is not a big worry. The ears are correct as well, helping with the overall effect of making the head look blocky.

Boerboels Jedi

This is Jedi… He was the biggest dog of the day by far. I’m not sure exactly what he weighs but its around 75Kg and he is not fat. His father is Waldor and his mother is out of Mack and Kiara. He is the biggest son of Waldor that I have seen personally. This is no surprise as his grandfather, Mack, was one of the biggest Boerboels ever. This dog has good bone and a nice head. He could have a wider chest but it seems the bigger you go with dogs the harder it is to get a chest to match. Overall… a very impressive dog.

Boerboels Evolution Pattern 1Boerboels Evolution Pattern 2

This Is Evolution Pattern (Zeus is his pet name). He is a dog I bred out of Mack and my old bitch Six. I like this dog for his bone and volume of body with a nice chest as well, these are some impressive traits that many dogs lack. Both his chest and volume should keep increasing as he is still growing at 18 months of age. He could do with a shorter coat but overall he is a nice dog.

Boerboels Sherman 1Boerboels Sherman 2

This big headed thing is Sherman. The photo’s don’t do him justice. He is one of my favourite Waldor sons. His mother Kiara is also a daughter of Maestro Napoleon so Sherman gets extra points there from me. In real life this dog has a great head, wide chest with excellent muscling on his shoulders. He also has very thick legs for his size. Sherman is a very impressive Boerboel…

Boerboels Unknown 2

This is a very big female out of Waldor and Kiara, (Sherman’s Sister). Besides her great topline and good overall construction, there is just something about this female that I like. I will be interested to see what she produces in the future.

Boerboels Matilda 1Boerboels Matilda 2

This is Matilda. The reason I have added her is because she looks like what I imagined the old working Boerboel would look like. This female has massive amounts of energy and a solid temperament. She is not to friendly with dogs she doesn’t know. Her entire litter is very athletic; one of her sisters is always catching birds and has also caught 2 hares. Another sister lives in the Northern Territory and has saved the owners many times from snakes by not letting them in the room that she can smell the snake in. Oh yeah, she is out of Ataraxia Hector and Ataraxia Piper who is out of Laksman and Jessie. This litter is also about 87% Ysterberg Blood which counts for extra points in my books.

Boerboels Ataraxia Kiara

Ataraxia Kiara. Kiara come along for the ride with her owner Leanne. This is a good old bitch that is a daughter of Napoleon and a grand daughter of the awesome bitch Maestro Raisa. Kiara is the dam of many nice dogs.

Boerboels Diesel 1Boerboels Diesel 2

Evolution Diesel is out of Waldor and Josephine. He is a very impressive little dog with a very wide chest and a straight front, a lot of muscle and volume through the body. Most people at the appraisal were impressed by Diesel even the judge Chris Boshoff.

Boerboels Unknown 3bBoerboels Unknown 3a

This young female is a sister of Jedi but from a later litter. She has a great little head and overall good construction. She also has good volume of body for her age and breeding.

Boerboels Ysterberg Laksman 1Boerboels Ysterberg Laksman 2

There are two things I really like about this bitch. The first is her head the second is her pedigree. She is double bred on Ysterberg Laksman. Can’t wait to see what she produces. Especially if her owner Gavin decides to breed her to Diesel…hint, hint!

Boerboels Sheila 1Boerboels Sheila 2

Sheila is out of Waldor and a Laksman x Koba female owned by Darren from Albury. Sheila has a great chest and a nice head. Although she has the big chest and impressive head she still has a soft feminine look about her.

Well that’s it. There were a few other dogs and bitches there that I liked but did not get pics of.

Overall it was a great day. It was nice to see everyone’s dogs and how they are progressing. It was also comforting to see so many good dogs knowing that the future of the breed in this country is contained in the genetics of the dogs that were appraised on this day.

Many thanks go out to everyone involved in organising the day. I think everyone should thank Sharon, Leanne and Craig for making the appraisal day possible. A big thank you goes out to Chris Boshoff for flying out from South Africa to appraise our dogs. And thank you to anyone else, that I may have forgotten, that helped with the day.